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Laudtec Chongqing Team Travel in October 2023

Time : 2023-10-30

From 27th to 28th October, Laudtec's Chongqing office went on a two-day self-driving trip, which included mountain climbing, camping, singing, picnic and primitive forest exploration!

We hiked for a few hours, helped each other; sat on the ground for lunch, shared food with each other; volunteered together, picked up rubbish on the road during the hike; sang together; took pictures together, talked and laughed together ~ appreciated the mystery and beauty of the primeval forests, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery gifted by the nature.


In these two days' activities, we helped each other for the common climbing goal, better discovered the strengths of ourselves and others, and firmly believe that we will do a good job of cooperating and serving each of our customers in the future.

Click the video below to learn more:

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