Common Customizations: 1.customized package,client offer us package file then we help make out samples and then mass production, if client do not have file,our designer also can help making file after client offered ideas of package. 2.customized logo,client offer us logo file then we help to do logo in the product, usually print logo,laser logo, embossed logo, client can choose the logo technology based on the product materials. 3.customized product mould,client offer us mould file then we help to open mould.

How to make your custom mould or design or just add your logo ?  if you wanna know details , pls checking below:  

If you wanna make you custom mould ,  

First ,  make you design files,  normally in 3D design , such as step files.  If you not able to do this , can also contact with the supplier, they have professional team to do this for you if you tell them your ideas.

Second , make mould for you , normally this process takes around 15 days to 1 month.

Third, a sample for you to check if all satisfied and if it is confirmed for mass production. ,

There are several point need to mention that,

1. once design confirmed and start making mould ,  can not change your design or the mould .

2. Make mould there are MOQ and moulding fee,

3. You may decide if your mould the supplier can sell to other customer or not.  If not you shall ask the supplier to make a Non Disclosure Agreement with you.

If you just wanna to add your brand.

First ,  also your design files,  normally in PDF,  AI , PSD files

Then, confirm the location and size you wanna to make logo

Next, decide how do you wanna to make it , by laser,  print,  emboss?

Now , your supplier can make the sample with your brand to make it.

If you wanna to make your OEM design

First ,  also your design files,  normally in PDF,  AI , PSD  films,  some maybe just even a HD pictures is ok.

Second, choose what kind of cases you wanna to make your design on

Third,  choose what kind techniques to make.  OEM design have many techniques , commonly used are UV print and IMD , cost different , features also different.

Now you can make your OEM samples with those confirmed.  

This also have 1 point to mention.  To make OEM Brand and design different techniques have different MOQ and cost , this you may communicated with your supplier first before you started.

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