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Back To Work, New Year New Success

Time : 2024-02-19

On 19th February 2024, all employees of the company ended their Spring Festival holidays and officially returned to their posts to start working.

First of all, the staff shared their good life during the holiday and showed their hometown specialities.

Then Mr Richard Wei, General Manager of the company, gave each employee a New Year's cash bonus and wished everyone new success in the New Year.


Finally Richard sorted out and looked forward to the work of each department in the new phase as follows:

1. Efficient work-life balance:

To enhance work efficiency as the core, and through practical action to adhere to the pursuit of quality of life, such as attention to environmental protection, health and so on.

2. Grasp industry trends and opportunities:

Pay attention to new changes in Open AI and other fields, use AI technology to drive innovation in various industries, and seize market opportunities brought by disruptive changes.

Learn from the life contents and values of people of the same age group in Europe and the U.S., and focus on all-round development rather than excessive competition in a single field.

3. Customer service and supply chain optimisation:

Build on customer needs and provide services that exceed expectations, for example, by reducing the number and time of goods turnarounds to increase customer efficiency value and reduce operating costs.

Maintain product quality, resolve any issues during order flow, and ensure high quality execution of job responsibilities.

4. Mobile Phone Cases Market Trend Response:

Capture the growth trend of the mobile phone case market, meet consumers' personalised needs, and provide diversified and high-quality products.

5. AI technology application promotion:

Actively learn and adopt AI artificial intelligence tools, especially in the field of mobile phones, to improve the proficiency and efficiency of the team and customers in using AI.

Widely communicate the use of AI in daily work and apply it to business processes to improve work efficiency.

6. Forward-looking business activity planning:

Prepare in advance the samples and gifts needed to visit customers abroad, as well as the related mate

rials to participate in the Hong Kong exhibition in April.

7. Human resource planning:

For the departments that need to add new personnel, timely docking with the personnel department to start the recruitment process to ensure that the team's human resources allocation is reasonable and effective.

In summary, the main objectives of the new phase are to improve work efficiency and quality with the help of AI tools, adhere to customer orientation, optimise service and supply chain management, respond positively to and seize new business opportunities in the face of industry changes, and pay attention to the personal growth and physical and mental health of our employees, as well as to continue to expand our business in specific areas (e.g. mobile phone case market).

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